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Canon w8200

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ی ʐ canon w7200

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The W7200 offers extra wide A0 output, superior speed and enhanced quality, without compromise. It provides a professional print solution that is reliable, network compatible and easy to maintain.




Superior quality prints for enhanced colour precision.

 Ultra fast colour output 2 min A0 size

 Full network support for PC/Mac

 Space-saving design, front-loading operation

 High capacity single ink tanks

 Compatible with a wide range of media


Further Information


Ultra high speed:
The W7200 operates at exceptional speeds, thanks to Canons innovative print head technology. 7,680 tiny nozzles distribute ink quickly and evenly, providing A0 output in only 2 minutes*. While many large format machines print in one direction, bi-directional printing enables continuous printing at every pass, keeping output time to a strict minimum. 
*full colour printing, fast mode

Superior colour quality:
6-colour printing process including one-sixth density photo cyan and photo magenta- ensures that colours are printed far more accurately, for enhanced colour precision and greater tonal depth. Whats more, the multi-nozzle print head enables exact ink delivery of microscopic droplets that are consistent in shape, size and density. With a 600 x 1200 dpi resolution even on standard mode, you can rely on sharp reproduction for the finest details.

Cost-cutting productivity
High capacity, single ink tanks for each colour can be changed separately, preventing wastage and reducing costs. A tubing system supplies ink continuously to the print head, and ink levels in each tank are constantly monitored. Theres an optional, automatic media take-up unit to allow continuous printout of a media roll without automatic cutting, making unattended printing a productive possibility.

Full media flexibility
The W7200 accepts a vast range of cut, or roll media, printing right up to a maximum A0 width. This means that the W7200 is suitable for extensive applications in the professional printing or photographic industries and graphically orientated office environments.

Space-saving design:
Thanks to its compact design, the W7200 does not take up a lot of space. All operations are performed at the front of the printer, including loading and retrieval of cut or roll media, making it the perfect choice in cramped surroundings.

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